Feeling the pressure: The effects of stress

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2nd Nov 2022
By: Project Alpha Team

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In today’s world there are more people than ever dealing with unprecedented amounts of stress. Stress is a powerful thing and it can significantly affect various systems in our bodies which can, as a result, cause a hormone imbalance. 

One of the primary effects of stress on the body would be the overproduction of the hormone called cortisol. Although cortisol is needed for the healthy working of your cardiovascular and reproductive health, excess secretion of this hormone is detrimental. Overproduction of this hormone can negatively affect the biochemical processes of the body leading to further stress and figures. The cycle then continues, the more stressed you feel, the more cortisol is produced and we end up in a never learning loop of fatigue.

As stress and anxiety can lead to a decline in testosterone production, it’s important to understand how this will affect your body and what you can do to manage your stress levels. Many of us associate testosterone as a “sex hormone” but low levels of testosterone can impact more than just your sex life.

Testosterone is not only important for men’s sex life and reproductive health, but also their physical and mental health. Symptoms of low testosterone levels can include mental and physical fatigue, difficulty sleeping, low energy levels and depression. You can take steps to prevent this happening and begin the journey to a healthy and stronger body.

There is still more to be learnt about the direct physiological connection between stress and low testosterone but what we do know shows we need to effectively manage our stress levels to protect our health and hormone levels.

In reverse, getting your hormone levels in check can also help with your susceptibility to stress. Proactively checking your testosterone levels can help you lead a healthier life, reduce stress levels and improve mental health. What are you waiting for? It’s time to move away from the culture of stress we have been living in.

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