What isInfertility

Infertility is defined by the NHS as the inability to conceive after a sustained period of trying for a baby. 84% of people will conceive naturally in the first year of trying with a further 50% of the remaining couples conceiving in year two.

How  It Works

Order Blood Test

Order your blood test kit so we can test your testosterone levels.

Doctor Consultation

We will then book in a consultation with a doctor to discuss your results.

Subscribed Treatment

Pick your subscription treatment package and begin becoming alpha.


Diganosis OfInfertility

There are multiple factors involved in male fertility that need to be considered when putting together a fertility plan. At project Alpha we understand some of key fundamentals of fertility – however if we cannot conclusively determine the issue we would always recommend seeing a fertility specialist.


Project Alpha offers a two factor test to try and identify where your fertility issues lie or if in fact the issue is even with you at all.


Our full spectrum Fertility Test focus’ on both the quality of your Sperm using a home Male Fertility & Sperm Quality Test and the levels of key fertility hormones in your blood using an at home finger prick blood test.


Your results will then be evaluated by one of our GMC Registered Doctors before an initial diagnosis is given.


Fertility TreatmentsAnd Support

At Project Alpha, we reject the one-size-fits-all approach and instead focus on delivering a bespoke and clinically sound treatment plan designed for your clinical needs. Our HCG & HMG Fertility Package is able to help most people increase their fertility.


One of our experienced doctors will guide you through the best course of action for you, so if you are concerned about your fertility, start your journey with us today.